Gorilla Meme C0 Memes

Gorilla Meme is a website that you can create memes for free. The memes you create you can do what ever you want with because the content is licensed as C0 or similar (Check out our About page for more details)

Can you have Copyright Free Memes?

Almost getting truly copyright free images is hard to do and/or verify. The Gorilla Meme Generator uses C0 content, which is basically the same thing. Once a meme is created out of the image you can use it for commercial or non-commercial use. The memes could then be remixed or altered.

Aren’t memes already copyright? Or couldn’t I use them because of parody or fair use?

No. Most memes take the image from a movie, TV show, or video game. The creator of those original works of art owns that image. Lets say you have a still image from the TV show Friends. That image even if you make it a meme is still owned by the creators of Friends. They are entitled to compensation for the usage of that image. Or what could happen is they then own the copyright of your meme.

Why do copyright free memes or C0 memes matter?

With new laws are being considered that would require platforms from filtering out content that has copyrighted material. The European Union is considering or voting on such a law. If this idea becomes laws then likely Memes would be instantly removed from platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. However copyright free memes or C0 memes would stay.