Watermark Free Meme Generator

Yep. We did it. We took off the water mark. But why? Watermarks and texts have often been used by startups launching new products. At little text at the bottom was used to help Hotmail become the most popular email service. The tactic was even used (and is still used?) by Apple when emailing from […]

Why did the Hyena cross the road?

To create a new meme format… The idea behind this format of meme was to make something like why did the chicken cross the road, but with Hyenas. Hyenas are characterized as evil and malicious (opposite of delicious). While a chicken might do something innocent like get to the other side a hyena would steal […]

Gorilla Meme C0 Memes

Gorilla Meme is a website that you can create memes for free. The memes you create you can do what ever you want with because the content is licensed as C0 or similar (Check out our About page for more details) Can you have Copyright Free Memes? Almost getting truly copyright free images is hard […]